Famous Valleys Found in the World

There are several valleys in the world but, some of them are very famous and attractive than others. Some are famous due to their length while others are famous due to what you can see when you visit them. The following are the most famous valleys in the world due to their depth.


The Colca Valley in Peru

Situated near Arequipa city, the Colca can be said to the deepest valleys you can find in the world. It has many landscapes and this is where you can have a close look at the condors in their habitat. Reaching the depth of about 4160 meters, the Colca Valley has some of the most amazing and outstanding scenes that you will never see in any other place in the world. In Peru, this is the leading tourist attractions where people visit. It is one of the famous valleys that can support agriculture and while at the place, you have the power to but the most amazing handicrafts.


The Cotahuasi Canyon in Peru


It is also one the deepest and famous valleys in the world. Measuring about 1737 meters deep it has some of the best and spectacular scenery. Though it is not the deepest, it is depth is twice that of the grand canyon of USA. Before it enters the Pacific Ocean, the mage has a white cloud that covers it. That eastern section is believed to have been developed by river Rio Camana. In the middle of the valley, there is a snow peaked mountain which is said to be the highest in the place. It is also one of the amazing places where you can visit for a picnic tour.


The Hells Canyon of USA


Located in the USA, the Hells Canyon is the deepest and the most famous valley in the world. The valley was formed by the water from the Snake River. The canyon is located in one of the remote places which are only accessed by tree roads. The valley is 10 miles wide and Due to its natural environment, the place was made a recreation center where you can take your family for camping and other services that involve family care.


The Tsangpo Canyon


It starts from the Mt Kailash and goes east for about more than 1700 km. The canyon is about 240 km in length and it drains its waters into river Po Tsangpo where it drops from 2900 m close to Pie. The river goes on and cuts through the lower gorges then to the Indian border. This canyon is a bit longer than the Grand Canyon which is located in the USA. Its features make it the tone of the most famous ones in the world.



There are several valleys in the world that you will like to visit or even know about, but the above four are the longest in the world thus making them very famous. If you have been looking for the place where you can take your family and friends, the famous valleys work for you.